"They've got something intangible, something that makes them The Rideouts.
That something is absolutely rock-n-roll and so sexy!"

Skope, March 2016

"With cheery lyrical themes and a convincingly warm sound,
The Rideouts are here to carve out a spot in your daily playlist"

Indie Music Review, March 2016

02.11.2018 - Album distribution

We are very glad to announce that, starting from today, our album "Heart & Soul" will be distributed in all major shops in the UK and supplied worldwide by Plastic Head.

22.09.2018 - Recording session

Recording sessions for the new album are almost finished. The band is working on 11 new tracks. Release date TBA

05.05.2018 - Next gigs (Acoustic duo)

26.05 Anise, 9 Devonshire Square, London (UK)
27.05 BOHO, 6 Inverness Street, London (UK)

21.04.2018 - Take It Easy video

The official video for "Take It Easy" is out now on our Vevo page

Video by Carlitography.

11.04.2018 - Trieste Calling The Boss

We'll be taking part in this year's Trieste Calling the Boss. The music festival dedicated to Bruce Springsteen. 26 April-1 May

27.02.2018 - New photos

Pictures of the "Take It Easy" video's backstage are available in the media section

22.11.2017 - I'll Be Free video

The official video for "I'll Be Free" is out now on our Vevo page

Video by Good Vibrations.

28.10.2017 - CD shopping

You can get a copy of "Heart & Soul" from the Native Records shop and get FREE EEC shipping adding the code 972JN9DJZVXQ

01.10.2017 - Deal signing

We're glad to announce the signing of a three years contract with PlayNetwork Inc. for five of our songs. The company works with over 425 brands in 110,000 locations in 125 countries

10.08.2017 - London gigs

We are glad to announce that we will be performing at three of the most famous music venues in London

18.06.2017 - New gig

We are glad to announce that we will be performing at "Hot in the city" festival in Piazza G. Verdi, Trieste on July 29.
Free entry. Start 10 pm

07.05.2017 - Next gigs

10.05 Eataly (Trieste)
23.06 Bar Stella (Trieste)

23.04.2017 - New photos

Pictures from March 2017 session are available in the media section

25.01.2017 - Put the blame on me video

The official video for "Put the blame on me" is out now on our Vevo page

Video by Simone Vrech, Elisabetta Olivo and Carlitography.

04.08.2016 - Live video

Check out the video of "I'll be free" recorded live at The Zanzibar club in Liverpool (22/07/2016)

07.07.2016 - Sofar Trieste Video

Video of the band performing "Wait", recorded during the session for Sofar Trieste on April 21st, 2016

25.06.2016 - Next gigs

25.08 Wine bar Enoteca l'Etrusco - Trieste (Italy)
02.09 Lunatico festival - Trieste (Italy)

20.06.2016 - UK tour

21.07 Alleycat Club, 4 Denmark street, London
22.07 The Zanzibar club, 43 Seel street, Liverpool
23.07 Blackthorn Music Festival, Stockport

21.03.2016 - Blackthorn Music Festival

The band is glad to announce that it'll be playing Blackthorn Music Festival in July. Further details will follow.

13.02.2016 - Next gigs

20.02 La Skaletta rock club, La Spezia (IT)
27.02 Il Posto delle fragole, Trieste (IT)

25.01.2016 - New video

The video for the first single "Not Enough" is now available on all the band's official pages.

Video shooting, editing and production by Carlitography.

13.01.2016 - New album and release party

The new album "Heart & Soul" will be out January 28.
It will be available on streaming sites like Apple Music and Spotify, in download stores like iTunes and Amazon and on cd format.
The release party will be held the same day at Teatro Miela, Trieste. Start at 9 pm. Support act: On the road.

19.12.2015 - Video shooting

Second and final day of video shooting for "Not Enough".

12.12.2015 - First day of video shooting

Today the band has started shooting the video for the first single "Not Enough" taken from the new album "Heart & Soul". The director is Carlo Pacorini.

11.12.2015 - Bass player

Gianpiero de Candia has joined the group again, reclaiming his place as bass player.

27.10.2015 - Recording session finished

Recording session for the new album are finished. The release date is scheduled in January 2016.

26.09.2015 - Recording session

Recording sessions for the new album are almost finished. "I'm very happy with the results", says Max, "the sound we achieved is powerful and delicate at the same time. It gets to you, either way".

25.08.2015 - Bass player

Giorgio Biselli has joined the band as bass player.

18.07.2015 - Private show

The band will be playing a private show (8 September).

10.06.2015 - Backing vocalist

Michela Grilli has joined The Rideouts as backing vocalist.

29.05.2015 - Band members

For the new album, Max is working with:
Andrea Radini on guitars and programming
Federico Gullo on drums

15.04.2015 - Recording session - part 2

The band is working on 11 tracks which will be part of the new album.

18.03.2015 - Recording session

The band is in the studio to record new songs.

24.02.2015 - New material

The band has started working on some new material for the forthcoming album.

25.09.2014 - Max's song for "Suon-o-rama - Estate 2014"

Here's the video of the song:

14.08.2014 - Side Project

Max will be writing a song for the cinematic project "Suon-o-rama - Estate 2014", created by Lorenzo Fragiacomo. Check out the official page of the event here.

22.06.2014 - Next gig

The band will be playing a special gig at the Wine Bar "L'Etrusco", via Crosada, 3 in Trieste on July 17. The performance will start at 8 pm ET.

03.06.2014 - Picture from Formentera

The band rehearsing with Nek at Pineta Club, Formentera.

25.05.2014 - PelinGOvac festival

It's been confirmed that the band will be performing at the PelinGOvac festival on June 1. The performance will start at 11 pm ET.

19.05.2014 - Formentera

Next week the band will be the opening act alongside Nek at Pineta Club in Formentera. "We're all thrilled and excited about this opportunity", says Max "we're really looking forward to it."

05.05.2014 - Concert

The band will be playing on June 1 at the PelinGOvac Festival 2014, held in Gorizia. Further details to come.

24.04.2014 - Radio interview

Today Max will be interviewed for RadioAttività Trieste. The interview will be broadcasted next thursday.

22.04.2014 - Recording session

Today the band has started recording "So Cool - 2014" with the guys from #FirstTune, a music workshop held in Gorizia (IT).

30.03.2014 - Live show

11 April: D-Sotto, Trieste, 9pm

28.02.2014 - Interview for ICN Radio NY

You can listen to Max's interview with Ricky Russo for his InOrbita show on ICN Radio NY today at 5pm ET (11pm in Italy) and tomorrow at 12pm ET (6pm in Italy). www.icnradio.com

24.01.2014 - Recording vocals

Still in the middle of recording new songs: backing vocals session

20.12.2013 - Recording drums

The boys are back in the studio to record more drums part.

19.11.2013 - Malone festival

The band will be performing at the Malone festival in Trieste, next Saturday, 23 November.
Some new tunes will be played live for the first time!

15.10.2013 - The Rideouts on Spotify

You can now stream songs from "All Day & All Night" on Spotify too.

11.10.2013 - Baseball caps

The official baseball caps are now available.

For info email at info@therideouts.com

23.08.2013 - Recording drums

Matteo and Max are in the studio recording drums for the new songs.

27.07.2013 - Recording session

"Recording sessions are going very well." - says Max - "These are just demos, for now, but some of the tunes sound great already. Really looking forward to the third album: it's gonna sound ace!"

24.07.2013 - Album review on Rockit.it

Another great review for the album "All Day & All Night" on Rockit.

12.07.2013 - Back in the studio

The band is back in the studio recording some new material.

15.06.2013 - Interview and show at Roxy Bar

Today the band will be interviewed by Red Ronnie for his Roxy Bar show. Later the band will perform "All Day & All Night" live.
Streaming on Roxy Bar tv.

28.04.2013 - Next gigs

04 May: Piazza Unità, Trieste, 6pm
11 May: Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, Turin, Music&Live festival, 6.30pm

04.04.2013 - Album review on Metal.it

"All Day & All Night" gets a very good review on Metal.it.

17.03.2013 - New pictures

New pictures from the live show in Lignano are available in the "Media" section.

07.01.2013 - "Daydreamer" official video

Video shooting, editing and production by Carlitography.

21.10.2012 - Video shooting session

Today the band will be shooting a video for "Daydreamer", taken from the latest album "All Day & All Night".

20.10.2012 - Gigs update

We are sorry to inform our fans that the forthcoming gig at Tetris (2 November) has been cancelled. The gig at Juice (25 October) is confirmed.

24.09.2012 - Next gigs

28 September: Band Live, via Boccaccio, Gorizia
25 October: Juice, via Molino a Vapore, Trieste
2 November: Tetris, via della Rotonda, Trieste

30.08.2012 - New album available on iTunes and Amazon

Download it from iTunes or Amazon.

27.08.2012 - New website

As from today the official website has a brand new look.

14.08.2012 - band live festival date

The band will be performing an half hour set as part of the Bandlive contest on 24 August.
The venue will be the Alpe Adria Arena in Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy.

10.08.2012 - "All Day & All Night" released

The new album "All Day & All Night" is released today.
Soon it'll be available on all major online music stores.

15.07.2012 - "All Day & All Night" release date

We can now confirm that the new album will be released next month.

25.06.2012 - Album finished

Mixing and mastering of the new album are finished.
The band is now working on ideas for the album cover.

10.06.2012 - Bandlive festival

The band will be part of this year's Bandlive festival, organized by Full Agency.
Dates will be announced soon.

29.05.2012 - New website

New official website and new album coming soon!

11.04.2012 - Radio show

The show the band recorded for In Orbita Session at Radio Koper will be broadcasted today at 6pm CET.
Tune in to listen to four tracks taken from the forthcoming album "All Day & All Night" played live for the first time.
http://tvslo.si/predvajaj/v-zivo-radio (click CAPODISTRIA on the right).

20.03.2012 - Radio show dates

The In Orbita Session radio show recorded on 19 March will be broadcasted on 11 April at 6pm CET and on 13 April 11pm CET.
The link will be posted a few days before the first event.

05.03.2012 - Radio show

The In Orbita Session radio show has been confirmed.
The band will be recording five songs on 19 March, four from the new album and "So Cool", plus a short interview.
The show will be broadcasted in April.

20.02.2012 - Drums recording sessions

Drums recording sessions are already reaching the end of the first half: five songs done, six to go.

30.01.2012 - Band member change

As from today, Andrea d'Ostuni is no longer the drummer of the Rideouts.
Max and Gianpiero have decided to part due to differences of opinion on the future of the band.
Matteo Moggioli is now the new drummer.
The album release date has been postponed and drums recording sessions will start in the next few days.

10.12.2011 - New album update

Recording and mixing sessions for the new album are over.
The band is now working on ideas for the album cover.
The new record "All Day & All Night" will be out early next year.

28.10.2011 - Recording session part 3

Nine songs completed, two to go. The new record is almost finished.

15.09.2011 - Recording session part 2

After finishing recording drums parts and some time off on holiday, the boys are back in the studio to start recording bass tracks.

01.08.2011 - Recording session

Andrea will start recording drums parts for the new songs today.

17.06.2011 - Tv Koper interview update

The interview for TV Koper recorded on 11 May for the program "Effe's Inferno" will be aired tonight at 8pm CET.
The interview is in Italian and Slovenian.

11.05.2011 - Tv Koper interview

Max will be recording an interview for TV Koper for the program "Effe's Inferno".
The episode will be aired at the end of May, beginning of June.
More details coming soon.

20.03.2011 - Special gig - 29.04.2011

The band is glad to announce a special unplugged gig at 9.30pm at Juice, via Molino a Vapore 2, Trieste, Italy.

28.02.2011 - News from Max

"As soon as we finished shooting the official video for "So Cool", we went back into the recording studio, writing some new material, which we'd like to finish by the end of the summer.
We'd like to get more rocky tunes on this album, less ballads. You'll see, I'm sure it'll be a class album!".

19.01.2011 - "So Cool" official video - now available!

"So Cool" official video is now available on all the band's official pages.

Video shooting, editing and production by Carlitography.

05.01.2011 - "So cool" official video shooting started

Today the band is involved in the shooting of the official video for "So Cool".
The locations will be the streets of their hometown, Trieste.

19.11.2010 - Album release party - Greatest night of the season!

The boys will be performing all the tracks from their debut album "The Storm After The Calm".
The show starts at 9.30pm at Tetris Palace, via della Rotonda 3, Trieste, Italy.

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