The Rideouts
matteo_moggioli_drums.jpg 20 Dec 2013

Recording drums

The boys are back in the studio to record more drums part.

mic.jpg 19 Nov 2013

Malone festival

The band will be performing at the Malone festival in Trieste, next Saturday, 23 November.
Some new tunes will be played live for the first time!

news.jpg 15 Oct 2013

The Rideouts on Spotify

You can now stream songs from "All Day & All Night" on Spotify too.

cap.jpg 11 Oct 2013

Baseball caps

The official baseball caps are now available.
For info email at

mic.jpg 23 Aug 2013

Recording drums

Matteo and Max are in the studio recording drums for the new songs.

mic.jpg 27 Jul 2013

Recording session

Recording sessions are going very well." - says Max - "These are just demos, for now, but some of the tunes sound great already. Really looking forward to the third album: it's gonna sound ace!"

news.jpg 24 Jul 2013

Album review on

Another great review for the album "All Day & All Night" on Rockit.

mic.jpg 12 Jul 2013

Back in the studio

The band is back in the studio recording some new material.

mic.jpg 15 Jun 2013

Interview and show at Roxy Bar

Today the band will be interviewed by Red Ronnie for his Roxy Bar show. Later the band will perform "All Day & All Night" live.
Streaming on Roxy Bar tv.

mic.jpg 28 Apr 2013

Next gigs

04 May: Piazza Unità, Trieste, 6pm
11 May: Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, Turin, Music&Live festival, 6.30pm

news.jpg 04 Apr 2013

Album review on

"All Day & All Night" gets a very good review on

news.jpg 17 Mar 2013

New pictures

New pictures from the live show in Lignano are available in the "Media" section.

07 Jan 2013

"Daydreamer" official video

Video shooting, editing and production by Carlitography.