The Rideouts
news.jpg 02 Nov 2018

Album distribution

We are very glad to announce that, starting from today, our album "Heart & Soul" will be distributed in all major shops in the UK and supplied worldwide by Plastic Head.

album.jpg 22 Sep 2018

Recording session

Recording sessions for the new album are almost finished. The band is working on 11 new tracks. Release date TBA

mic.jpg 05 May 2018

Next gigs (Acoustic duo)

26.05 Anise, 9 Devonshire Square, London (UK)
27.05 BOHO, 6 Inverness Street, London (UK)

21 Apr 2018

"Take It Easy" video

The official video for "Take It Easy" is out now on our Vevo page.
Video by Carlitography.

calling_the_boss_2018.jpg 11 Apr 2018

Trieste Calling The Boss

We'll be taking part in this year's Trieste Calling the Boss. The music festival dedicated to Bruce Springsteen. 26 April-1 May

news.jpg 27 Feb 2018

New photos

Pictures of the "Take It Easy" video's backstage are available in the media section